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7th Mercenary Division - Soldiers Memorial

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A Soldiers Memorial
We Remember - Thank You

   As several members of our team are members of the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, and all of us are respectful and greatful towards veterans we take this moment to show our appreciation.  We thank those veterans here and now. All veterans, not just those from the United States, but from any nation who served their country honorably. PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE we thank you.  We honor you. As a famous person once said "You may always disagree with war, but NEVER disrespect the warrior" - Canada One We respect you, and thank you. If soldiers around the world did not fight for our freedom, you would not be reading this, so when you see a veteran, please thank him.
For World War I to prevent global domination. In World War II, fighting against facism and genocide. That was possibly our greatest generation. The conflict in Korea, to prevent the spread of communism. An often forgotten war, we remember. In Vietnam, a war against communism. For an ungrateful nation, we offer our thanks and apologies. The Cold War, once again against communism, and a nuclear war. Thank You. And now, we thank those who are fighting against terrorism and dictatorship. Finally, to all Prisoners of War, and Missing in Action soldiers we pray for your safe return. We rember your ultimate sacrifices. We remember how all gave some, and some gave all. We stand by our words of "Bring them home, Or send us back"