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The 7th Mercenary Division: Red Skulls

         Red Skulls paintball is lead by our fearless leader; Rishard Pavlik. We operate in a single, or 2 element squad. Fast and hard, or silent and precise, are the 2 methods we operate. We show no fear in battle, charging headlong into superior numbers, often screaming along the way.

   The 7th Mercenary Division is a team that has played together for 8 years now. Though the members shuffle around, the core members have not moved. As the team grew older, we have moved onto bigger competitions. The New Mexico Recon Challenge, Oklahoma DDay 2005, Oklahoma DDay 2006, and plans for Oklahoma DDay 2007. As the year for 2007 progresses, various members will attend events in California, Texas, and NY. Though we will not compete in every event, the knowledge gained from being around paintball is invaluable.