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Mercenaries - A Background

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A history of Mercenaries,
And how the Red Skulls came to be.

History of Mercenaries

  Mercenaries have existed since the time of ancient Greece. The Greeks hired egyptians to fight in their army, and do other "unfavorable" tasks for them. The hessian germans used by Great Britain in the American Revolution is an example of the uses of mercenaries. Another place mercenaries were common was past conflicts in the carrebean and Africa. Both the united states government, and other world powers have hired mercenaries to take actions unfavored by the populous.
   Mercenaries are often confused with Private Military Companies(PMCs) and Hitmen. A mercenary is neither. PMCs are licensed agencies with a contract and their own facility to train their members. A PMC is available to be contracted by any government to complete a military engagement. However, once under contract, they may not leave unless the contract is fullfilled, or both sides agree to dissolve it. Hitmen are also different than a mercenary. A hitman is a individual contracted to murder a specific person. And they are paid upon completion.
  In contrast, Mercenaries are paid up front to gather their supplies, and team. A mercenary enters a contract, but can refund the money at any time and opt out of the conflict. Mercenaries are often just one or two people, but can be as large as 15. The most identifiable part of mercenaries is that they are identifyable and traceable, unlike a hitman.

How the 7th Mercenaries came about

The 7th Mercenary Division has an interesting history path. We first started with Richard, Matt, Chris and Matej as a group of gaming people for hire in tournaments in Rainbow Six, and Americas Army. At that point we were called the International Mercenaries.
  Later, the 4 of us got involved in the paintball scene. We talked about starting a team, but never did. mainly because we had no jobs, and without a location to practice it was impractical
   Then Devin came along. Well, ok he was always there, we just didnt really know him. He placed on the airsoft scene, and allowed us to use his large yard for practice. At this point we formed our team. A small elite unit, that is willing to work with other teams.
    From that point, the team grew. As airsoft prooved harder to find a competitive tournament schedule, the team switched to paintball only. Moving up to games like the NM Recon Challenge, Oklahoma DDay, and Steel Soldier. Now, a team composed of college students and military soldiers, we move with deadly resolve when together on the combat field.

Mercenaries are the true warriors. We go, We conquer, We Leave, We get paid. And then it starts again.