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7th Mercenary Division

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This site is undergoing a re-design. As the Red Skulls have been re-formed, so will this website.
The Move to MYSPACE is on. Check out the new Work in Progress
The 7th Mercenary Division: Red Skulls is a paintball team, competing in scenarios, speedball, and good old fasion woodsball.

The 7th Mercenary Division is a small, yet lethal paintball team.  We have a diverse starting set of members who all enjoy what they are doing. The Red Skulls focus on small unit tactics, and employ them with precision. As a team of college students, we are spread out over the state of New Mexico, and a few members are away at basic training for the Army.  Our division has been nicknamed the Red Skulls as the skull's of our enemies are often died red after a fierce fire fight.

Memorial for
United States Soldiers
of Vietnam


We thank all Veterans Past Present Future

Who serve their country honorably

We are always looking for new members, and tournaments.
Feel Free to contact us. Feedback is always welcome
Contact the 7th Mercenary Division at
Subject line : 7th merc